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ABOUT  Rivky

In 2011, Rivky started shooting food photography and quickly fell in love with this new genre. "I was drawn into photography in particular because of how challenging it is, and what I liked most was the fact that I can bring my skills as a Party Planner into Photography and together combine a true unique shot that will tell a story" says Rivky. Like every great photograph, food photography requires excellent composition, unique lighting skills, passion, style, improvisation and a great subject.”


For over 6 years, Rivky has been shooting incredible food and drink images for local culinary businesses, mostly in the Cake and chocolate miniature. Her other work includes a cookbook projects and other published items.


With the latest trend of Private Label hitting the market with a vengeance, Rivky has been highly sought after to help create the perfect images of a product that will help sell and tell a story as well as Life-Style Images, combining her above mentioned party planning skills and her unique understand of Interior design makes Rivky a perfect fit to shoot your next Amazon Hot Seller.


Recently Rivky has relocated with her Husband and 7 Children from Brooklyn NY to Toms River and is now servicing the Southern NJ area.

Book a slot now as they tend to fill quickly.  

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